Lighting the way


This year Highway SIB’s ‘integrated’ conference programme aims to link together the workshops and roundtable discussions inside with the relevant demonstrations and displays taking place outside on the track.

Our ‘Lighting the way’ programme is support by the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP).

The ILP is the UK and Ireland’s largest and most influential professional lighting association, dedicated solely to excellence in lighting. Founded in 1924 as the Association of Public Lighting Engineers, the ILP has evolved to include lighting designers, consultants and engineers amongst its 2,000 strong membership.

The key purpose of the ILP is to promote excellence in all forms of lighting. This includes interior, exterior, sports, road, flood, emergency, tunnel, security and festive lighting as well as design and consultancy services.

Scott Pengelly, the ILP’s vice president of events, said: “The Institution of Lighting Professionals is delighted to be on board as a brand new supporter of Highways SIB. We’re looking forward to participating and highlighting prevalent topics in the sector such as part-night lighting and the rise of LED technology. The event offers an opportunity to see lighting products showcased in the environment that they’re designed for and we’ll be encouraging our members, many of whom work in the highways industry, to attend the event.”

Highways Magazine editor Alec Peachey added: “One of the reasons we hold the event in November is because of the early dark nights which allow lighting companies to show off the luminosity of products in their real working environment. The ILP will be speaking as part of our conference programme and we look forward to welcoming their members as exhibitors in our lighting zone.”


There are over 5.5 million street lights in the UK, and the average cost of operating one light (including energy and maintenance) is estimated at between £40 and £80 each year. Well maintained road lighting can make the night time environment a safer place to be, encourage regeneration and investment, and lead to an improved local society.

Technological developments have given us the light-emitting diode (LED) lamps which emit a whiter light than traditional low-pressure sodium lamps, have a longer life, very high efficiency rates and lower carbon footprint.

Highways SIB offers the perfect venue to showcase lighting and lighting management in the ever changing environment of the highways industry including:

  • LED street lighting
  • Solar lighting
  • Flood lighting
  • Temporary lighting for road works
  • Central management systems
  • Pole housing systems

Watch HERE: Details of all live demonstrations taking place in 2016 will be posted here in the summer.

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