Maintenance matters


Where else can you take part in a discussion on road surfacing then immediately be taken outside to witness best practice in action and assess its impact for yourself?

That’s why this year SIB’s ‘integrated’ conference programme aims to do just that.

Our ‘Maintenance matters’ programme already has two key workshops scheduled for November 2016:

  • Come and have your say on the future of the HMEP programme and its move towards self-sufficiency.
  • Join the Road Surface Treatments Association’s one-hour interactive workshop where you’ll be able to gain valuable insights into how surface treatments contribute towards local authority asset management plans.

HMEP programme manager Haydn Davies said: “With the sector’s help we will be putting on a workshop where we can explain and get your views on how HMEP is in transition from a DfT funded position to one that is self-sustaining. This will be an opportunity to speak to people from the programme and exhibitors who supply many of the goods and services that play a vital part in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of local highways maintenance and management.”


Maintenance is the lifeblood of the UK’s road network and economy and in the Highways SIB ‘Maintenance matters’ zone you will see the very latest award-winning and sustainable solutions come to life before your eyes.

With its unique outside showcase track AND individual company demonstrations, SIB 2016 plans to bring you live demonstrations and in-situ examples of:

  • Road treatments, such as asphalt preservation and preventative solutions
  • High friction surfacing (our 2014 event saw live skid-resistance testing taking place)
  • Decorative surfacing
  • Road marking and white lining
  • Pothole repairs
  • Techniques for repairing joint and seal systems
  • Ironwork reinstatement
  • Fully working plant and equipment, such as rollers, vibratory plates, compactors…

You’ll be able to witness cost-saving initiatives first-hand, be able to discuss any issues in real-time and learn more about installation techniques by seeing them up close and personal.

Watch HERE: Details of all live demonstrations taking place in 2016 will be posted here in the summer.

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