Making our mark


This year SIB’s ‘integrated’ conference programme aims to link together the workshops and roundtable discussions inside with the relevant demonstrations and displays taking place outside on the track.

Our ‘Marking our mark’ programme is support by the Road Safety Markings Association:

Chief executive George Lee said: “RSMA is once again pleased to be displaying at SIB and supporting what is an important event. By providing a virtually unique opportunity to display, compare and contrast different infrastructure and safety solutions SIB is crucial to the industry and clients alike.”


To ‘mark or not to mark’? That has been the contentious question very much in the limelight recently. And at this year’s Highways SIB event, plans are currently underway that will aim to answer this question once and for all… Markings are also an integral part of future smart technologies, such as truck platooning and driverless cars.

While at last year’s event, live action took place to test the effectiveness of the Weatherline+ dot ‘n’ line high performance wet night thermoplastic road marking from WJ Group. The latest techniques were used to assess retro-reflectivity and the results published live at the exhibition.

Similar tests are also being planned for this November’s event, and more details will be published here as they are announced.

Also outside in the ‘Making our mark’ zone visitors will be able to assess the suitability of a variety of road markings and equipment, including:

  • Permanent markings
  • Temporary markings
  • Whitelining equipment
  • Automatic road stud technology
  • BSEN1463 parts 1 & 2 approved road studs
  • Preformed thermoplastic markings

The new Highways SIB 2-way street running alongside the display tracks will also be fully marked with lines, studs and zebra crossing courtesy of WJ Group.

Watch HERE: Details of all live demonstrations taking place in 2016 will be posted here in the summer.

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