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The Highways Term Maintenance Association (HTMA) will lead a debate around road worker safety at this year’s Highways SIB event.

The HTMA is the trade organisation which represents the service providers who currently look after around 80% of the highway network within the United Kingdom. Its members are some of the best known consulting engineers, construction companies and service providers in the UK.

The Association will put together an expert panel to highlight the issue of road worker safety with the subject discussed as part of the event’s integrated conference.

Executive director Geoff Allister OBE said: “HTMA is pleased to support Highways SIB (Seeing is Believing) in 2016. This event will be an excellent opportunity for HTMA to communicate our key messages about the importance of road worker safety to a wide audience of decision makers and practitioners. We intend to use SIB to build on the legacy from our successful Roadworkers 2015 Safety Summit to help drive further safety improvements throughout the highways industry.”


An estimated £75.6 million was spent on traffic calming measures in 2014*. On a local authority level, the average spend increased to £327,0585. That’s a large-scale investment and not one to be undertaken without serious consideration and research.

At Highways SIB event you’ll see award-winning and proven solutions to not only enhance your traffic calming and site safety but also enable net cost savings. But that doesn’t mean you’ll simply see one sample intelligent traffic cone in isolation on an exhibition stand. Yes, you’ll see this, but you’ll also be able to watch full-scale working displays set up outside, so you can really judge their effectiveness for yourself. What’s more, these will take place in all lighting conditions day, dusk and night for a true insight into their operation.

Currently plans are already underway to bring you displays of:

  • Real-time responsive intelligent traffic cones and electronic perimeter management systems.
  • Temporary and permanent barriers
  • Guard gates
  • IPV and crash cushions
  • Low deck traffic management vehicles
  • Signboards and trailers
  • Surveillance systems
  • Retention sockets
  • Bollards
  • High visibility safety wear and vehicle graphics

Crash testing

High-intensity crash testing will form part of our showcase demonstration zone. Brought to you by our 2016 silver exhibitor NAL (stand number and track plot TBC), the plans are to provide visitors with live displays to test the immediate effectiveness of various passively safe products such as retention systems and bollards. Booking details for visitors should be available from May 2016.

Watch HERE: Details of all live demonstrations taking place in 2016 will be posted here in the summer.

*Figures from Churchill Car Insurance

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