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Compliance and quality are paramount in the procurement of road signage, from bollards and warning signs through to fixed and portable variable messaging.

But CE Marking, Sector Schemes, TSRGD, Construction Product Regulations, HE specifications (TR and MC series), CEN/CENELEC European and BSI standards and the like form a minefield of legislation within this particular area.

The Highways SIB ‘Signage solutions’ indoor programme aims to help specifiers fathom the complexities involved and to ensure the correct decisions are taken.


Outside in the ‘Signage solutions’ zone, Highways SIB offers an unrivalled opportunity to assess the effectiveness of all signage products in day, dusk and night time lighting conditions. And depending on how kind the UK climate is come November, products may also be viewed in all weather conditions!

So why not let us help you make informed operational decisions on your future road signage spend. Products currently planned for display on the outdoor track include:

  • LED signage
  • Sign plates
  • Road warning signs
  • Cone signs
  • Tub signs
  • Sign frames
  • Prism signs
  • Variable message signs
  • Vehicle activated signs

Highways SIB also presents the perfect opportunity for any company wishing to test the reflectivity of their product range, and for potential customers to witness this figurative ‘proof of the pudding’ in the making.

Watch HERE: Details of all live demonstrations taking place in 2016 will be posted here in the summer.

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