Get in the zone

Get in the zone at Traffex Seeing is believing

Companies can display their products and services in a variety of zones at Traffex Seeing is believing (formerly Highways SIB) – Europe’s only event for indoor showcasing of highway products as well as outdoor demonstrations in all weather conditions.

Exhibitors are given increased visibility via the introduction of a two-way street with companies displaying and demoing their products along plots running parallel with the street.

And to make things even easier products can be highlighted in clearly defined zones that are the most relevant to participating exhibitors. Designated drop-off points and the new Traffex Seeing is believing App  will ensure that visitors are encouraged to take a closer look at the products and services on display.


The zones for the last event in 2016 were: Maintenance matters, Making our mark, Safety in action, Smart technology & signage solutions and Lighting the way. These were complemented by the Road worker safety showcase that took place on the fully marked motorway area of the track.

In conjunction with an ‘integrated’ indoor conference, Traffex Seeing is believing provides organisations with a unique showcase to market all their highways products and services without the restrictions necessitated by an indoor-only event.

Various stand packages – platinum, gold and silver – and sponsorship opportunities are now available for Traffex Seeing is believing 2018. Find out more here.

Call Robert for more information on what Traffex Seeing is believing can offer you on +44 (0)1732 459683 or email

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